Where does Bobbie get all the feathers? Steller's Jay


From everywhere!


Many admirers of Bobbie's Birds have contributed feathers.  She has received feathers in the mail from all over the world: flamingo feathers from Florida, swan feathers from England and wild cockatoo feathers from Australia.  Pet stores and bird owners also save feathers for her.  And, of course, Bobbie finds many of her own feathers on her walks on Vancouver Island.


Can any feather be used for a painting?


Some feathers are easier to work with than others.  Smaller feathers are wonderful to paint on, as they have a very smooth surface.  Larger feathers are more difficult, as they are more "textured".  Patterned or striped feathers require multiple layers of paint to achieve a uniform colour on the painting, and feathers with a high sheen don't take the paint very well at all!  But therein lies the challenge and that's what keeps the artform interesting.  Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to paint the underside of a feather -- a real pity, as some of the undersides are much more colourful than the tops.


Are birds painted on 'their own' feathers? Northern Cardinals


Yes, whenever possible.  Bobbie has done owls on owl feathers, chickens on chicken feathers, macaws on macaw feathers, hawks on hawk feathers and herons on heron feathers.


However it is not always possible.  Hummingbird and other small bird feathers are too tiny to paint on, a crow would be invisible on it's own feather, and of course, eagle and many endangered species' feathers are illegal to use, as they are protected by legislation. 


Bobbie usually selects a feather which will contrast nicely with the bird she is depicting.



Are feathers 'treated' prior to painting?




Feathers are stored in plastic bags in a freezer for several weeks prior to use.  This ensures that any microscopic mites which may be living on the feathers will not survive and damage the painting in the future.



What materials are used ?


Bobbie uses acrylic paints on real bird feathers.  Each feather painting is mounted on a suede background, matted with acid-free material,  framed and ready to hang.



How can such small paintings be done with so much detail? Barn Swallow


With very tiny brushes and a lot of patience!


Are Bobbie's Birds available for placement in shops or galleries?




Bobbie's work is available in a few galleries and gift shops in Canada (Nova Scotia and in several locations on Vancouver Island).  If you would like to carry Bobbie's Birds in your store, contact Bobbie today.  If you would like to purchase a painting for yourself or a friend,  make a selection from the "available" page or email your special request to Bobbie directly. 
Shipping is available.



Do you have a question about Bobbie's Birds?


Bobbie welcomes questions about her paintings. To contact Bobbie, please complete the form on the contact page.

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